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An evening full of food, drinks and lots of fun! We start with a playful reception with Bossche liquor, coffee, tea or soft drinks at Hinthamerstraat 216 in 's-Hertogenbosch!

You start by making a Bossche Bol This one is filled with whipped cream (first knock yourself), you dip into the Chocolate Fondant, and you can decorate yourself nicely. If you do not get him, a doggy bag is in stock!

After this there is the horny Bossche Choco Quizzzzz with price!

Then it's time for a surprising Bossche dinner / lunch. With eg typical Bossch Buffet
(There is much more choice.)

                 Jheronimus Bosch buffet.



Glass of salad from "the garden of lusts"
Brabant cheese terrine
Beet mousse
Dark break bread with garlic butter & hummus


Brown bean soup with bacon
Carrot fritters
Devilish beef stew
Chicken patty
Potato leek pie


              Halloween buffet

Witches fingers (vegetarian)
Bowl of three coals salad with dressing
Mummy sausages
Slightly celery salad.
Breading bread with various dips

                                                                                                                                                      Warm: Creamy pumpkin soup
Mini skull pizza
Chili con carne
Pumpkin fritters

                  TAPAS buffet

Glass of pasta salad
Bowl in aioli mushrooms & potatoes with garlic
Devil's egg
Goat cheese spinach flap
Gamba in puff pastry
Melon with Serano ham
Fresh date with almond & smoked bacon
Breading bread with herb butter, hummus & tapenade

                                                                                                                                                                Warm: Paella Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce Potato tortilla


The service is provided by floral Loca Guapa (o) s, in a colorful environment, nice and fun! The entire evening you can use unlimited refreshments!

We can also provide this evening with a standing buffet / drinks with snacks! Or with live music!



Duration: 3 hours


- Unlimited consumptions

- Dinner with a Bossche Bol (or the smartlappen workshop) as a dessert

This workshop is for a minimum of 15 persons!!!

The possibility is to pay on invoice. You can also pay the total amount at the end of the workshop. For more information, please contact us:

 info: and mail with aunt Annie

Extras to stick to the workshop! Tips from us:

€ 7.50 per person, half an hour (one hour to one hour)

- French fries with ... Chocolate! : Now make your own french friese sauce really special.

- A handy handbag reading: Your bag tells more about who you are than you think!

- Chocolate Consult: To vent your chocolate heart, including a good medicine!

- Chocolate mask: Apply a mask to the face of your neighbor or wife with chocolate.

- Laughing workshop: With 10 exercises that help you to double your laugh.

- Shopping with: sexy man: He points you the way and advises!

- Choco trance: Choco hand massage and the healing of this.

- Hot Chocomel: These we make of a delicious chocolate spoon. With the flavors: spicy / love / healing or healthy.

- Pornogamie: Folding paper or banknotes into naughty shapes.

- Chocolate Tasting: What do you try, what do you like and what does it say about you?



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